Best Electric Toothbrush 2018-Buyer’s Guide

You would pretty much agree with me when I say

The act of brushing teeth serves as terminals of our day. It’s the first thing you do when you get up in the morning and the last one before going to bed, right?

But are you doing it right and using a sound tooth brush?

A research conducted by Delta Dental revealed more than 30% of the population do not even brush twice a day. Surprising! Isn’t it? Also, the average dentist-recommended brushing timings are approximately 2 minutes.

Since brushing is an important part of your day, you should use a toothbrush that could clean properly. For that, we have done an exhaustive research and prepared for you a list of the best electronic tooth brushes.

Best Electronic Toothbrushes

Is spending for an electronic toothbrush a good idea? Well, yes, it pretty much is. However, some people have a heavy wallet while some don’t; therefore, the options vary according to your pocket.

Having said that, we are sure you can choose from the following list of the best electronic toothbrushes.

Oral-B Black Pro 1000

The Oral-B Black Pro 1000 cleans the plaque and gums 300% times more than regular toothbrushes.

The rechargeable brush provides you with clinically proven results due to its professional design that ensures cleaning of each tooth inside.

There are CrossAction bristles in the head located at 16 degrees that surround each tooth.

It also performs 3D cleaning action through which, it oscillates and rotates, thereby breaking the plaque 300 times more efficiently than regular brushes.

Furthermore, the brush has been designed after keeping all the dentistry issues and sensitivity in mind. The pressure sensors stop rotation if you press too hard because it can affect your gum.

Also, the in-handle timer inside beeps every 30 seconds to let you know when to switch the direction. The timer is installed as per the dentist-recommended two minutes which means you have to switch the directions four times while brushing.

Let’s dig deeper into the construction of Oral-B Black Pro 1000 and see how it works 300 times better than others.

The CrossAction head is basically comprised of the crisscross bristles each located at 16 degrees from each other. This design ensures tooth-by-tooth cleaning as the bristles slightly rotate as the brush moves.

Now, let’s come to the second unique feature i.e. timer. Your mouth is divided into four quadrants if you focus on the manufacturing, and each one needs equal attention as equal amount of teeth are present in all four of them.

Since dentists have recommended 2 minutes as average brushing time, it is important for you to give equal time to each quadrant. However, it is easier said than done! How can you measure seconds while brushing as they pass in the blink of an eye? The in-handle timer does that for you.

It beeps every 30 seconds to let you know when it’s time to move to the next quadrant.

Similarly, the pressure sensor detects the pressure you apply to your gum and varies the speed of the brush accordingly.

If you apply too much pressure, the brush stops immediately as it is harmful to the gums.

  • Since it is rechargeable so there are electrical dangers involved.
  • Easy to handle and use.
  • Highly recommended due to scientific design and manufacturing.
  • Cleans faster and better.
  • There is just one cleaning mode, which means it isn’t a good choice for sensitive and yellowy teeth.
  • Battery lasts just a week or 28 minutes that isn’t sufficient.
  • The pressure sensor isn’t visible so it gets difficult for the user to identify when it actually indicates you are brushing too hard.
  • Box comes with limited contents and no brush head storage compartment and travel case comes with it.

Philips Sonicare Flexcare Platinum

Philips sonicare flexcare platinum stands ninth on our list.The main features include nine different brushing options, an advanced head technology, and pressure sensors.It has been clinically proven to enhance your gum health within two weeks and removes up to 7 times more plaque located in between tooth.

How it does all this? We will talk about the features that make it the best sonicare toothbrush.

3D Personalized Mouth Map

A unique feature it has is the personalized 3D map of your mouth that is sent to the sonicare app via Bluetooth where you can see your real brushing data on your phone’s screen.

As a result, you get to see what’s wrong inside your mouth, and also, it gives you feedback and guidance. That’s how you get your healthiest smile back!

Furthermore, there’s a TouchUp feature and a Location sensor. The latter locates every move inside your mouth and lets you know whether you’re brushing accurately or not.

The Location sensor highlights the areas you have skipped and the TouchUp feature then lets you move back to that point.The TouchUp sensor acts as a scrubbing sensor and works side by side with the Location sensor. As a result, you get to brush smartly.

Other Features

As the name indicates, there’s platinum in it that is flexible enough to reach between two teeth and gently removes plaque from there.As a result, deep cleaning is ensured and it provides 7 times better results than manual brushing.

To avoid aggressive brushing that is highly prohibited in the dentistry world, pressure sensors are located at the handles that get activated when you apply too much pressure and the handle vibrates.

Also, there are two timers to calculate brush timings: the quadpacer and the smartimer.

The former indicates the timings of switching to the next quadrant of the mouth, while the latter calculates the overall two minute dentist-recommended brushing time.

  • It has a long battery life of two weeks so you just have to worry about charging twice a month. Plus, the mini travel charger is well-suited for traveling.
  • Provides guidance and monitoring through 3D map.
  • Self-monitoring of speed and stops when brushing too hard.


  • Philips Sonicare Flexcare Platinum is difficult to wipe down than other brushes. As a result, handling gets a bit difficult.

CUH Sonic Electric 

CUH Sonic Electric toothbrush comes with the UV sanitizer cordless rechargeable. It is a five-mode electronic toothbrush having an automatic UV light that stops during operation.There is an LED indicator for inductive charging that informs you about charging and low battery through lighting ring sign.

Not only does it clean your teeth and kill germs, it gives a soothing massage to your gums as well that improves your gum health.The regular usage of CUH sonic electric inhibits gum diseases and enhances your oral hygiene.The rechargeable toothbrush generates 4000 pulses in a minute that ensures powerful cleaning.

As a result, the plaque is removed from the gumline and deep inside your teeth.


CUH Ultrasonic electronic toothbrush provides 2 times better cleaning than regular toothbrushes. There are five operation modes of the electronic toothbrush: clean, sensitive, white, gumcare, and massage.

The standard mode is the clean mode; however, others can be chosen for sensitivity, pain, and dirty teeth. Also, it has been designed to give you a non-irritant brushing experience.The ultrasonic technology generates 4000 vibrations per minute that result in dynamic cleaning action. This is how both your teeth and gum get thoroughly cleaned. The UV sanitizer incorporated inside kills 99% of germs and bacteria within less than 7 minutes.

It also has a two-minute automatic timer with 30 seconds built-in alerting that informs you when to switch to the next quadrant of the mouth and when to stop brushing as per the dentist-recommended timings.The lithium rechargeable battery with an overall capacity of 650 MAH provides an extra long usage time.However, the package comes along with 3 replacement heads of worth $11.95 that makes 3.98 per head.

  • The ultrasonic technology ensures deep and rigorous cleaning.
  • Unlike other electronic toothbrushes, it provides massage to the gums.
  • No worry of water exposure as it is waterproof and washable.
  • Operation and handling are super easy as all you have to do is switch modes.
  • As per the sonic electric toothbrush reviews, following are the issues that might arise while using
  • It’s louder and noisier than other toothbrushes.
  • The ultrasonic technology might feel hard to the extremely sensitive gums, but it’s very rare.

Oral-B Vitality

Oral-B Vitality is a legendary name in the dentistry world so the reliability and validity is pretty much ensured.A rechargeable toothbrush is a good option for those who have their braces on as the head is designed to oscillate and rotate; thereby breaking stubborn plaque inside of your mouth.

Except for the Oral-B sonic toothbrushes, it is compatible with all the Oral-B rechargeable handles. Following are the brush heads it is compatible with

  • CrossAction
  • 3D White
  • Sensitive Clean
  • Precision Clean
  • FlossAction
  • TriZone
  • Deep Sweep
  • ProWhite
  • Ortho
  • PowerTip
  • Dual Clean


The 7600 rotations per minute provide excellent cleaning action and ensure removal of rigorous plaque. However, there are more unique features that need to be addressed.The MicroPulse Bristles are specifically designed to clean hard-to-reach regions such as around braces that are easily skipped in manual brushing.

These bristles along with rounded head also ensure tooth-by-tooth cleaning. The unique floss action of bristles breaks the obstinate plaques residing between teeth.The dentist-recommended two-minute timer is also incorporated inside so that you may refrain from rushing while brushing.

The battery has 16 hours of usage life, based on 25 minutes total time (2 minutes of brushing twice a day).

  • It has a great cleaning action as it ensures cleaning of regions that are difficult to reach, making your mouth healthy and fresh and bringing your lost smile back.
  • It looks so cool that kids are attracted towards it. Making children brush their teeth is a hard job for parents. The rounded heads of tiny brushes appeal kids so they end up maintaining healthy teeth. However, it is advisable to keep the brushes away from kids under 3.
  • Let’s dig a bit deeper and see what the downsides of this electronic toothbrush are. To be honest, there are quite a few! Since the price is so low, ultra-modern features can’t be installed under such limited budget.
  • It isn’t a very good option for sensitive teeth and gums because there aren’t any pressure sensors that stops the brush movement when you put a lot of force. Cleaning of difficult regions is ensured, but those who suffer from sensitivity, should move to other options.
  • There is neither an LED display nor a smart guide to inform you about your movements. So, the parts that you skip are left behind.
  • No quadrant timer is installed to let you know when it is the time to shift to the next quadrant of your mouth. This is a high-level feature that you surely can’t expect from a baseline toothbrush like this one. So, you have to estimate the quadrant timing yourself.

Oral-B Pro 5000

It is a bit similar to the Philips Sonicare Flexcare as it also provides a real-time display of your mouth.

The Bluetooth technology connects your Smartphone with the brush and provides real-time feedback.

There are five operation modes so it is suitable for anyone at all. The pressure sensor is the unique feature that trains a person to brush as per recommendation.


The Bluetooth connection between the brush and your Smartphone enables you to see what’s going on inside your mouth while you brush.So, it pretty much acts as guide; informing you which regions you left behind, what are you doing right and what’s wrong with your actions.

It is a good option for especially those who are looking for a feedback and guidance. You can also see which areas you have skipped brushing so you can get back and brush right away.

The Bluetooth connectivity acts just like a fitness tracker that keeps records of the burnt calories and distance covered. The mobile app keeps the 20 most recent records, so you can also compare your current condition with the previous and check the progress.When you start brushing, the app aims to store two-minute record, and reminds you to brush your tongue and rinse your mouth once you are done with brushing.

There are five different modes in which it operates: daily clean, deep clean, sensitive, massage, and tongue cleaning. So, you can choose a mode as per your gum health.If it’s healthy enough, you should opt for daily cleaning and maintain regular brushing. However, if you are observing yellowy teeth or stubborn plaque, you should go for deep clean, sensitive, so on and so forth.

Oral-B vitality stands out among other electronic brushes due to its pressure sensor.Applying too much pressure while brushing is a common habit of everyone; therefore, the pressure sensors have been installed to inform you when you are doing it wrong.Unlike other brushes, it doesn’t stop when you apply more than needed force, but the handle blinks red and a red alert signal appears on the app on your phone’s screen. It helps in training you to brush gently.

Another amazing feature of the toothbrush is the ease of customization that lets users create a personalized oral health plan. The Dental Care Journeys are the five helpful templates that provide you recommendations and guidance as per your specific needs.

These templates are known as Fresh Breath, Plaque Fighter, Whitening, Gum Health, and Ortho Care. These templates help in focusing the areas that need most of the improvement.

  • The biggest advantage of this toothbrush is the Bluetooth connectivity that provides the real-time display of brushing and keeps records.
  • Even though it isn’t a sonic brush, it still oscillates, rotates, and pulsates to break the plaque to ensures deep cleaning.
  • The five different modes enable a user to choose the one that meets his or her gum health. The daily cleaning is the standard mode that is the best for people with a sound oral health.
  • Pressure sensors and customization pretty much act like a dental teacher as they guide and train you according to dentist-recommended brushing.
  • With upsides come downsides, too. So let’s have a look what’s wrong with this toothbrush.
  • The major reported issue is it comes with just one brush head so you have to buy specialized brush head that could fit the electronic toothbrush. The best ones always come with replacement heads so that’s really not a worry of the user normally, but here, it is!
  • It’s pricey, so don’t forget to verify the two-year warranty that comes with it.

Philips Sonicare Diamond Clean

In the year 2017, Philips Sonicare Diamond Clean has been the most demanding toothbrush by Americans and their dentists.

It provides much better cleaning than regular brushes and removes 100% more plaque.

The users have reported difference within one week of the usage and the oral health gets better in more than two weeks. So, it acts like a dentist for you.


The cleaning action of diamond clean is much better than the regular toothbrushes as it provides 31,000 strokes in a minute.Furthermore, the sweeping motion enables it to reach deep down, into the spaces between teeth and along the gumline; thereby resulting in a healthier and hygienic mouth.

It operates in five different modes to fit everyone’s oral needs. The modes include clean, white, polish, gum care, and sensitive. Out of these, clean is the standard mode so it should be chosen for regular usage.However, you can try others if you have issues like yellow teeth, sensitivity, etc. The mode is shown by an illuminated display that turns off as you switch off the toothbrush.

The brushing is made easier with two types of timers: the smartimer and quadpacer. The smartimer shows the overall two-minute time and buzzes when it’s over so that you may stop brushing.However, the quadacer buzzes after every 30 seconds to indicate when it’s the time to switch to the next quadrant of the mouth.

The stand out feature of diamond clean is the charging glass with conduction technology that charges the toothbrush when you put it in the glass. It can later be used for rinsing your mouth when you take the brush out.You can use the brush for three weeks by charging just once that makes up 42 uses by brushing twice a week. When the battery goes down, the indicator light illuminates and gives you a signal to charge the brush.

You can also charge through the USB charging travel case.It allows you to take your toothbrush anywhere at all and charge whenever you need.


It is highly recommended by professional American dentists.

Instant and rigorous cleaning of the hard-to-reach regions and provides 100% results.

  • It comes with 5 cleaning modes to meet all types of oral requirements.
  • Improves gum health in just two weeks.
  • Easy to handle and carry due to glass and USB charging.
  • With high recommendation comes high price. It is an expensive tool so one has to look into his or her wallet before buying.

Philips Sonicare 2



It removes around 6 times more plaque than manual brushing.Despite the fact it can affect dentist’s business, it is highly recommended by them due to its extra cleaning properties.If the brush does all the cleaning, it means the dentist’s job is reduced to a great extent.

There is a gap between the head and the handle to allow the movement for BH.The 6 times more cleaning is made possible due to the sonic technology that provides 31,000 brush strokes in a minute.Also, the dynamic fluid action ensures that brush reaches along the gumline and between teeth.

Furthermore, the plaque control special brush head known as 1 ProResult also plays a significant role in plaque removal.


As mentioned above, the unique feature of Philips Sonicare 2 is the sonic technology that enables superior cleaning, which you can see and feel yourself.

Apart from that, the design of the brush increases the demand than other electronic toothbrush. The snap-on curved brush head with bristles are designed to match teeth shape for finest plaque removal.

Also, there is a power bunch at the top of the brush that reaches hard-to-reach regions. There is a blue bristle among rest of the green which acts as a reminder of when to change the head. It fades from blue to white and indicates it’s the time you need a new head.The brush is ergonomically designed with intrinsic grip that increases the comfort level while brushing. Handling, cleaning, and changing the head is super-easy so that’s also not a worry.

The battery life is long, up to 2 weeks that means, you can carry it for long travelling without worrying about charging. The battery charge indicator is two-colored that shows you the time to recharge.The countertop space of your bathroom is also saved due to the small size of charger.

Now, let’s talk about the trait that you won’t find in other toothbrushes. The EasyStart feature gradually increases the brush power during the first 14 uses. As a result, your brushing experience is made even easier.Also, the two-minute Smartimer serves as an icing on the cake along with the EasyStart feature.

  • Provides instant cleaning and bring back your lost smile due to sonic technology and ultra-modern design.
  • Durable as a head lasts almost three months which is quite a good time.
  • Easy to use due to EasyStart and Smartimer as the former does all the work and latter indicates how much a session of brushing should last.
  • Even though it isn’t much expensive, some of the customers have complained that the replacement brush heads are quite costly.
  • The EasyStart feature is too powerful for sensitive gum as it shifts from soft introductory mode to stronger mode without the users will.

Oral-B Pro 7000

Designed by Braun, it accelerates even faster than a high-performance sports car. This is the result of German’s zero tolerance for plaque because the engineers have designed Oral-B Pro 7000 truly engineered to work.The brush has seven dominant functions and it generates around 800 movements just in a second.Yes, not in a minute, but second! So, you can imagine the power yourself.


Oral-B Pro 7 of the smart series bought a revolution in the way you take care of your oral health.

The Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity is the stand out feature of the smart series that doesn’t only clean your teeth, but eliminates the slightest doubt that comes in your mind.

You can see the real-time movements inside your mouth simply by connecting the brush with your Smartphone and it will show you everything that goes inside. Apart from that, it motivates you by providing feedback, tips, and rewards for your brushing.You can actually compare your oral health progress as it stores your personal brushing data up to 6 months with descriptive graphs and charts.

Just like the rest of the electronic toothbrushes, the Smartimer that indicates when the standard two-minute brushing time is over.Also, the pressure sensor tells you to slow down when you brush too hard.The CrossAction brush head has crisscross bristles located at 16 degrees angle to reach deep inside and between the teeth to ensure 100% plaque removal.

It is compatible with all the Oral-B toothbrush heads including CrossAction, Deep Sweep, Floss Action, ProWhite, Precision Cleaning, Sensitive, Dual Clean, Power Tip, and Ortho.So, that’s another thing you don’t need to worry about.It operates in six modes: daily clean, gum care, sensitive, whitening, deep clean, and tongue cleaner.

The daily clean is the standard mode with 3D movement for basic cleaning. The rest of the modes can be chosen in special cases like sensitivity, yellowy teeth, gum pain, etc.The battery last up to 10 days that includes 2 times brushing per day.

  • The wireless smart guide, timer, and Bluetooth connectivity pretty much serve as dentists as all the guidance, tips, and feedbacks are given through these features.
  • The design of the brush and 3D movement enables smart cleaning and removes bad breath.
  • The six cleaning modes along with tongue cleaning are well-suited for any gum type and oral health.
  • The battery life isn’t that good as it lasts just for ten days. So, there is a room for battery improvement.
  • Also, the charging takes too long.

Philips Sonicare Essence 5600


Maintaining a good oral health is easier with Philips Sonicare Essence 5600 than other electronic toothbrushes.The Essence 5600 comes under the top most demanding toothbrushes due to sonic technology, soft contoured bristles, and angled neck.

These features allow the brush to reach deep down and provide two times better cleaning than manual toothbrushes.There is an easy-start option that makes your brushing experience adjustable, and a smartimer guides you about the standard two-minute brushing time.


The sonicare technology breaks stubborn plaque in the gentlest way possible by generating 31,000 strokes per minute.

As a result, the sweeping motion enables fluid to reach deep down along the gumline and the tight spaces between your teeth; thereby resulting in healthier and cleaner mouth.If you are planning to put on braces, veneers, or implants, the essence won’t hurt you.Your brushing experience has been comforted with the incorporation of soft grip handle and contoured bristles.

These bristle align with the natural shape of teeth and perform tooth-by-tooth cleaning. The angled neck severs as an icing on the cake as it allows the bristles to reach difficult regions.The soft grip makes it easy for you to maneuver while brushing.

Furthermore, easiness is increased with the easy-start feature as all you need to do is apply a very little pressure at the start and the essence will perform rest of the function for you.It gently increases the speed during the first 12 uses. The dynamic cleaning action and powerful bristle motion let you adjust with the use of strong electric toothbrush.Moreover, the smartimer will automatically shut your brush down after the two-minutes of brushing.

The battery lasts up to 2 weeks, allowing two times of brushing per day. An indicator shows you the remaining battery life so you can charge before its dead.

Two weeks usage means you can take it to your short trips without worrying about charging. Also, you will get a 90 days money back guarantee and a complete two-year warranty upon buying

  • Eliminates plaque up to 2 times more than manual brushes due to the usage of ultra modern sonicare technology.
  • Your brushing experience with Essence is irritation and pain free as the dynamic fluid action of contoured bristles and angled neck design comfort your gum and teeth.
  • Super easy to use with the easy-start feature as most of the maneuvering is done by the brush itself.
  • Battery life is good enough.
  • The Sonicare Essence is well-suited for all and there aren’t much issues reported by the users, but the head deteriorates speedily when applied on braces or implants.

Colgate A1500

Colgate A1500 is the only electronic toothbrush in UK with smart sensors and the auto-adjust technology that automatically adjusts the speed and direction of the brush.

As a result, you end up getting extra care and expert cleaning of your teeth and gums.The A1500 provides 5 times more plaque removal than the manual toothbrushes. Apart from cleaning, it polishes your teeth as well; thereby returning you the lost smile.

Colgate developed A1500 in partnership with the worldwide leaders in sensing technology and healthcare products called Omron.


Taking care of your teeth is the utmost aim of Colgate A1500. You are allowed to choose among three different power modes according to your oral health: the optimum, sensitive, and deep clean mode.

The optimum mode is the standard mode in which the brush moves at an average speed. However, the A1500 moves gently in the sensitive mode and at a high-speed in the deep clean mode.The unique feature is the LED display that indicates you when you hold the brush in the most accurate position.Charging is super easy as you just need to connect your brush with the charger.

The indicator will report everything about the battery such as when is it charging, when it goes low, or critically low. If you want to maintain a long battery life, then don’t forget to charge 16-hours for the first time.No other brand allows you to return a rechargeable electronic toothbrush after 30 days of usage. Colgate does that, which is why, customers claim its reliability.

If you don’t like A1500, you can return it after using for 30 days, without any questioning from the seller. Just pack everything along with the receipt and send them back and your money will be refunded. Simple!

  • The sonic technology ensures deep cleaning and takes extra care of your mouth.
  • The brush is automated even more with the smart sensors and auto-adjust technology; thereby making brushing easier.
  • Pretty much serves as a guide by indicating when you position the brush rightly, aligning your brushing with professional recommendations.
  • The 30-days return policy increase reliability more than any other product.
  • Some customers have reported issues in the design of the toothbrush and said it doesn’t hold charger as it should. As a result, the battery doesn’t get fully charged and you have to charge again and again after 2 to 3 days.
  • Since the carrying case is sufficient enough only for the toothbrush and head, you have to carry a spare bag for the charger as you need to carry due to its poor design.
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