Drone 720X reviewThe – Smallest Pocket Drone

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Drone is a flying device that captures shots through its built-in camera from different angles and is controlled through a remote controller. With a high resolution of 720 pixels Drone 720X has become one of the most popular selfie drones that have smashed the market through its amazing features and an attractive design.

Being very lightweight and portable this drone is best to capture your enduring moments.

Controlling a mobile device seems much easier to me than a drone because one has to get trained properly but Drone 720X review introduced with an easy to control mechanism. Just install the app and fly it right away.

People have moved from mobile selfies to selfie sticks and now drones are in trending. People are filming their vlogs, tours, and expeditions through drones and Drone manufacturers are introducing new models frequently in the market with new updates.

Drone 720X is one the modern drone equipped with latest features like gesture control system.

As we always fascinate with ease of usage plus a bunch of functionalities, Drone 720X is enriched with both.

Drone 720X will surely satisfy you with its image quality will steady shots and could easily capture multiple shots with its amazing smart shooting mode.

It won’t take long to understand the controls and in no time your drone would be recording your live streaming.

Equipped with a 0.3-megapixel camera with CMOS sensor 1 / 2.3, having a speed of 50km/hour and a range of 500 meters for a precise Ariel view coverage.

Max resolution can be reduced to 1080 pixels, it is best for capturing special moments of your life while offering fluctuation free recordings.

Features of Drone 720x Review

  • With its gesture controlling mode, it allows you to control through your hand gesture. It is one of the amazing features that have increased its worth in the market.
  • It requires you to install its software that comes along. Just scan QR code and you are ready to control your drone through your Smartphone.
  • Able to capture quality shots from unreachable places. Want to take amazing shots from different angles give drone 720X a try.
  • Having 8 minutes of battery timings and is faster in speed than many others out there.
  • Easy to learn its controls. Even kids can fly it.
  • Very stable when on the flight also offers live streaming sessions. Share the amazing moments with your buddies in the meantime
  • Also, you can set your desired altitude and move the drone to your required place without worrying to control to a specific location.
  • Also available in different colors like one is a combination of black and blue and the other one is a combination of black and white.

Outstanding features

Small in size

Drone 720X is really small and portable. You can easily take it anywhere with you. With its ABS plastic construction and a weight of 300 grams Drone 720X is one of the lightweight drones.


With features like this Drone 720X is much cheaper than other drones that are there in the market. Buy today and capture incredible footage of your friends and family.


Controlling your drone through a mobile application is the coolest thing ever. You can hover it anywhere or either set the altitude and move your drone to a targeted location. Also, there are a variety of modes you can opt to.


Being very stable Drone 720X can easily resist wind and air, will allow very steady and consistent photo shots and video recordings too. Capture stunning occasions, adventures, trips and share it with your loved ones.


You can also set Drone 720X on different available modes like Return to Home, Circle Flight and Spiral Flight ActiveTrack, TapFly.

Battery life

With its durable lithium-ion battery of 3.7V mAh Drone 720X can withstand a flight of 8 minutes.


Its 720X camera it can offer HD photo capturing and video recording with its 0.3-megapixel camera. The camera can easily adjust angles

.You can stream live videos and share your epic moments live with your friends. Built-in collision protection software allows flying safely without hiding any obstacles coming on its way.

How to operate

It will not take long to learn the controls, Just install the app on your phone understand the functionalities and your drone would be capturing the panoramic views of your surroundings. It is one of the drones that are designed for the people who haven’t flown any drone before even kids can learn its easy controls and enjoy taking pictures of their family and pets.



    • Remains very stable and steady during flight.Can undergo harsh weather conditions.
    • Manufactured with solid materials and having a flexible structure this drone is very sturdy and can overcome crashes.
    • No need to have a proper training on how to fly a drone just follow the simple instructions and in a while your drone would be up in the air and will hover through a controller in your hands.
    • People of all ages can fly this drone and it one of the easiest drone to fly.
    • With its live streaming features, you can film moving objects live and share your fun moments while your family and buddies cheers among you being miles away from your fun zone.
    • With easy to learn controls, you can also perform flips and amazing stunts like a pro and impress your fellows with your skills. Drone 720X is a complete package of stunning features.
    • The drone is fast and can achieve a speed of 49 miles per hour.
  • It is durable, compact and with an excellent affordable price.


    • May get trouble on spinning and rolling the drone
    • Some people are not satisfied with the quality of the built-in camera.
    • Some people have battery recharging issues.
    • Sometimes it is hard to connect it to your phone
    • Many find it difficult to control though it is designed with an easy control system.
  • App catalog is not completely specified in detail.